+0.23 Florida margin on trade over Texas: +0.45



200 medley relay

  • NCAA record: Texas (2017): 1:21.54
  • NCAA Game Record: Texas (2017): 1:21.54
  • American record: California (2018): 1:21.88
  • US Open record: Texas (2017): 1:21.54
  • Pool Record: Louisville (2022): 1:21.84

Top 8 graduates:

  1. Florida – 1:21.13
  2. Texas – 1:21.36
  3. Cal/NC Status – 1:21.69
  4. —-
  5. Alabama – 1:22.04
  6. Arizona State – 1:22.25
  7. Lousville – 1:22.29
  8. Stanford – 1:22.41

Florida and Texas were both under the NCAA Men’s 200m Medley Relay, US Open and US Record 1:21.54 to open Night 1 of the 2022 NCAA D1 Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships , and although Florida was only 0.23 seconds faster than Texas overall, their relay exchanges were 0.45 seconds faster, almost twice the overall gap.

The Gators’ overall rally time was +0.27, while the Longhorns’ was +0.72.

A breakdown of relay exchanges is shown here:

As you can see above, Texas’ relay exchange times were slower on every leg of their relay, which could very well be why they finished behind Florida. In an event where everyone only swims a 50, it is clear that every second counts.

On both legs, there were quick gaps. On the Florida side, Chaney went third in the fastest 50 yards of all time with a 20.19, and Eric Freise’s 19.36 flight time tied Joseph Schooling for flight time. the fastest of all time. For Texas, Caspar Raven20.55 was unofficially the second fastest time ever behind Max McHugh’s 22.40, although it was officially the fastest as McHugh’s time is not in USA’s database Swimming. Additionally, Cameron Auchinachie’s 18.08 anchor makes him the fourth fastest player of all time in terms of 50 free stint splits.