5 layout mistakes you make in your bedroom

Any bedroom layout should consider proper lighting. How do you know that a bedroom layout needs to review its lighting plan? Nothing is close at hand. Maybe you’re one of those sleepers who loves a lamp far enough away to force you out of bed. It’s worth a pass. It is to serve you.

But light, although intangible, emanates from one of two places: the sun or your light fixtures. Again, these should be in proportion to the rest of the room (you don’t want a huge chandelier hanging inches from your face at night), and floor lamps should be close enough to dressers and nooks. so you can find what you’re looking for without having to turn on the overhead light and possibly disturb someone who’s still sleeping.

The designers of Maxine Brady explain how to properly arrange the lighting in the bedroom. Think about what you do in the bedroom: reading, watching TV, or applying makeup and removing makeup. And, in the post-COVID era, people may increasingly find themselves working from bed with a laptop.

Wall lamps, LED applications, floor lamps and small adjustable table lamps solve the problems well. Examine your surroundings and find where lamps serve you best. Often corners are ideal, especially in smaller places like studios and condos. If you’re curious about what your options might be and how best to disperse the light to create the mood you want, we have a dedicated page to help you decide.