A man visits a restaurant in the middle of the snowfall and falls to his knees when he sees that it is closed | Tendency

The video of the man falling to his knees upon seeing the restaurant closed was posted on Instagram.

There are times when people want to eat at a particular restaurant. More often than not, they even end up finding something to eat in the same place. This man had the same intention to sate his craving when he visited a particular restaurant in the midst of snowfall. However, what he hadn’t anticipated is an unexpected obstacle. And now a video showing the man’s reaction has caught people’s attention.

The video is posted on the official Instagram page of Nicey’s Eatery, a restaurant in Canada. “To our loyal customer, we don’t know who you are, but we will watch over you. We are terribly sorry that the restaurant is closed. We feel your disappointment and hope to see you again soon. Whatever you have in mind to buy today, this meal is for us,” the restaurant said.

The video shows a man walking towards the restaurant in knee-deep snow. Within moments, he is on his knees after seeing that the restaurant is closed. The man, quite disappointing, walks away from the restaurant.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted about four days ago. Since sharing, the clip has racked up over 28,000 views and the numbers keep growing. The share also garnered tons of reactions from people.

“Now I have to try your food!” If he went so hard for a plate. Gotta try!” wrote one Instagram user. “We need to find this man and protect him at all costs,” joked another. “Hope you find him,” said a third. “Oh! my heart!” commented a fourth.

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