A new calling layout for Microsoft Teams is now available

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  • Microsoft updates Teams with a sleek new Calls layout in May 2021.
  • A user tweeted about the new simplified calling layout he discovered in his Teams application.
  • The new call layout has a new user interface that brings together call history, contacts, and voicemail.
  • The big M is also adding interactive webinars and Power Live support to Teams in May.
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Microsoft has been busy with MS Teams for the past few months. In early May 2021, the big M introduced a new casting feature for teams. Now, Microsoft is rolling out a new calling layout for Teams.

Users learn about the new Teams calling layout

Twitter user Mr. Bolem was among the first Teams users to notice a new calling layout in the app. He tweeted about the changes on his Twitter as following:

The long-awaited #MicrosoftTeams call layout is here! So much simpler, everything you need without jumping to different tabs. Call forwarding options set from the same pane, no more multiple clicks to expose Calls option buried in settings. Worth the wait!

Other Teams users were somewhat confused about the layout changes. A user has posted a strange call layout on Microsoft’s forum.

This user wondered how to restore the original layout. An independent advisor on the forum answered:

Microsoft released new calling features for Microsoft Teams in May 2021 updates. This feature will be fully rolled out by the end of May 2021 to all regions and tenant users, as long as Microsoft meets its due date.

Call layout changes

So don’t worry if you’re one of those Teams users a little confused by changes in call layouts. Calling layout change designed to streamline and simplify calling has been on Microsoft’s roadmap.

However, the big M has yet to make an official announcement regarding the new layout update.

The new call layout apparently delivers what Teams users are asking for. It streamlines calls by displaying call history, contacts, and voicemail together.

Users no longer need to switch between alternate tabs to find certain options.

The new call layout in Teams

However, a new call layout isn’t the only thing Microsoft is introducing to the app. The big M is also rolling out PowerPoint Live and webinar support for Teams in May.

These features will allow users to host webinars with up to 1,000 participants and use PowerPoint slides in Teams.

So Microsoft Teams just keeps getting better! The increase in the Teams user base over the past year, in part due to the global pandemic, has no doubt prompted Microsoft to give this app a bit more attention than usual.