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Alexis Skyy accused of keeping woman’s $1,150 after salvage home closed

Skyy responded to a woman claiming she paid to recover from surgery at Skyy’s business only to later find out the website and IG page was taken down.

Someone calls out Alexis Skyy again, but the internet influencer backtracks. Skyy, like many others in her position, has embarked on various ventures to help generate more cash. She once had a salon, but it went bankrupt, and months ago a former employee took to social media to complain that she hadn’t been paid because her paycheck had bounced. Skyy would later open her convalescent home in Houston where people could stay and be treated for their post-op weeks after cosmetic surgeries, including BBLs and liposuction.

However, a woman surfaced with a video in which she claims to have paid $1,150 to stay at Skyy’s recovery home only to find out later that the website was no longer active, the company’s Instagram page was gone. and she couldn’t contact Skyy because she was blocked. Skyy posted a response to the controversy, but it didn’t bode well.

Rich Fury/Staff/Getty Images

“My nursing home has been closed for 5 months now because someone hated me and the state called me or my community leadership to have my home closed in 7 days,” Skyy revealed . “Before this I stopped accepting bookings, my site had a policy that booking your stay was non-refundable! However, if your surgery was rescheduled…you had a 90 day credit after this is no longer refundable, her reservation was in July this is January this is the third time she has postponed.. I have waivers and policies like any other company.

Audiences didn’t let Skyy walk away with that explanation and quickly jumped in to question his timeline. On Instagram, the user pointed out that five months ago it was August and asked if the woman had booked for July and postponed, why hadn’t her money been refunded if the company didn’t was more active. Check it out below.