An action-packed page-turner that looks like a Michael Mann movie

“Heat 2” picks up immediately after the film, with Hanna and her men working through the remaining leads involving McCauley and his crew. McCauley’s murder clearly hangs over Hanna, who still can’t help but understand the man he shot. As Mann and Gardiner reflect on the now famous conversation between Neil and Vincent, they write:

“While revealing nothing that could compromise them, they spoke of the intimacy that sometimes occurs between strangers. similar.”

Later, as Vincent stands in Neil’s now empty house, the writers note:

“A certain melancholy holds him back on the floor. A vanished, irreversible life, a man he once knew.”

While all the other members of Neil’s crew are dead, Chris is still alive – and the tenacious Hanna wants to catch him. It won’t be easy, because Chris is on the run. Leaving behind his wife Charlene and his son Dominick, Chris left the country and ended up in South America. From there, Mann and Gardiner start time jumping. We go back to the 1980s, where a young Vincent and his team are planning a job in Chicago. Hanna happens to be working as a cop in Chicago at the time, although he and Neil never cross paths.

Instead, Hanna investigates a series of brutal and sadistic home invasions, carried out by a gang led by a truly repulsive character named Wardell, who remembers the racist serial killer Waingro from the original film. As fate would have it, Wardell becomes aware of a new score Neil and his gang are about to achieve – and why he can catch up to them and get away with their spoils.