Battlefield 2042 closes “XP farm” zombies mode

EA DICE removed Battlefield 2042The zombies mode created by the community in order to prevent players from collecting XP.

Taking to Twitter, Senior Design Director of Ripple Effect Studios – formerly known as DICE LA – Justin Weibe said the mode was taken down in hopes it can be fixed and maintained “in alignment with standard game progression”. TL; DR: Players could level up while playing zombies faster than other native shooter modes.

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“We removed Zombies mode and replaced it with Gun Game,” Wiebe explained on Twitter (thanks, NME). “Hopefully we can fix it in the future and keep it aligned with standard game progression

“We have also strengthened our review process to ensure this does not happen again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

In one subsequent In a direct response to a commenter, Weibe added, “I think the mode had potential, but we need to go back to the workshop a bit. Anyway, we need to focus on bigger issues like the improved base XP progression for the BF Portal.”

It’s the latest in a litany of problems for the beleaguered shooter. The Steam game page is currently based on a “mostly negative” aggregate, making it one of the worst-reviewed games ever on Valve’s PC platform. Players’ concerns are mostly about game performance, gunplay and lots of bugs, so that seems to have impacted server populations as well, which has sparked rumors that EA may consider making the series free in the future.

According to known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, the publisher is “very disappointed with the performance of Battlefield 2042” and is “looking into all options” for the future of the series. According to rumors heard by Henderson, this includes “reviewing Free to Play to some extent”.

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