Bexar County Republicans narrow early voting margin in 2022 primaries, data shows

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Bexar County Republicans showed more enthusiasm in early voting this year, narrowing the deficit between the two parties, according to county election department data.

After two weeks of early voting, 47,169 Bexar County Republicans voted in the primary, while 50,484 Democrats also voted early in the period.

That margin is much narrower than last midterm in 2018 – when 41,184 Republican primary ballots and 51,917 Democratic primary ballots were cast.

The numbers could point to growing momentum for Republicans this year, who have rallied against President Joe Biden’s policies over the past two years. It could also be the result of contentious statewide primary races in the GOP, including the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office.

Democrats were also more vocal in 2018 in response to the election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016, leading to a more competitive primary.

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Overall, however, voter turnout in 2022 was slightly lower than in 2018.

In 2022, a total of 97,653 ballots were cast in early voting — rising to 8.18% of the county’s 1,194,389 registered voters.

In 2018, 93,101 ballots were cast, or 8.6 percent of Bexar County’s 1,085,664 registered voters.

Figures do not include mail-in ballots. Elections Department officials did not respond to requests for comment on Monday.

Attendance may have been dampened by winter weather last week, which brought near freezing temperatures to Bexar County.

Voters were more likely to go to the polls on Friday, the last day for early voting, the figures show. That day accounted for more than 20% of the total early votes, meaning around 1 in 5 voters voted on Friday.

The full primary turnout will be determined after Election Day, scheduled for Tuesday.

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