Big Lots Offers Long-Term Growth and Margin Outlook and Fourth Quarter Business Update

Posted: 10/01/2022 23:51 GMT
Grands Lots Inc (LARGE) – Big Lots provides long term growth and margin outlook and fourth quarter business update.
Big Lots Inc – Until the end of fiscal December, the company’s performance was at the high end of expectations.
Big Lots Inc – Long-term growth prospects include a sales target of $ 8 billion to $ 10 billion.
Big Lots Inc – From the start of the quarter through the end of fiscal December, achieved a two-year same-store sales increase of approximately 9%.
Large Lots – Long-term sales target through approximately 500 net store openings, merchandise sales productivity initiatives, continued e-commerce growth.
Large Lots – Since early January, has seen a slowdown in traffic and sales trends which he says has been driven significantly by the rapid spread of Omicron.
Big Lots Inc – Would expect same-store sales increase over two years, ranging from a fixed percentage to low to single digits for fiscal January.
Big Lots Inc sees diluted fourth quarter EPS in a range of $ 1.80 to $ 1.95.
Income should be $ 1.77 billion
Adjusted EPS should be $ 2.17

Revenue forecast for the next quarter should be $ 1.52 billion
EPS forecast for the next quarter should be $ 1.54

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