Complaints bring down rental electric scooter fleets in Edmonton; e-bikes are coming

“Summers are great in Edmonton and getting outside using active transportation isn’t just good for our minds and bodies, it’s good for the environment.

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Electric street rental scooters and now e-bikes have started rolling out in Edmonton, but citizen complaints last year mean there will be fewer of them on the roads this summer.

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The city announced on Friday that it had landed on two suppliers to offer a cumulative total of up to 1,500 e-scooters and 400 e-bikes through the end of 2023, significantly less than the 4,000 e-scooters ordered by the suppliers at the beginning of last year. Bird started rolling out its fleet on Friday, and Lime arrives next week.

Spin, which rented electric scooters last year, will not be returning.

Jessica Lammare, director of safe mobility and traffic operations, said using a tender to choose just two companies was to blame for the delay. The rentals were available at the end of March 2021.

The city experimented with letting the market determine how much to bid, but they landed on a smaller fleet size based on complaints and the number available in other similar Canadian cities, Lammarre said.

“We received many complaints from Edmontonians about the congestion of the number of vehicles moving around and how they were used. So we started to reduce the size of our fleet,” Lammarre told reporters on Friday.

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She acknowledged that the scooters came out a bit later than the city would have liked, but Lammarre said she’s glad they’re back now. These create an alternative mode of transport and reduce traffic congestion, she said.

“The summers are excellent in Edmonton and for traveling outdoors. Using active transportation isn’t just good for our minds and bodies, it’s good for the environment,” she said.

“It activates our streets in a totally different way. So they’re fun, of course, to get around, but they’re also an option to help people connect, for people who are trying to get around.

E-scooters and e-bikes are not permitted on sidewalks in Edmonton. Cyclists can use them on cycle lanes, shared-use lanes and on roads with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h.

Helmets are not required but the city recommends people wear them.

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