Despite nine stressful years of fixing flips, Page Turner has barely aged

Page Turner’s age has become a popular discussion among Fix My Flip viewers. Despite nearly a decade of completely transforming the properties and giving them a burst of life, it has barely developed a wrinkle.

The real estate broker and house flipping expert is now an independent and successful woman, after working on HGTV Flip or Flop Nashville. She was documented while renovating run-down homes with her ex DeRon Jenkins.

Now presenting as a soloist, Page lends his expertise to overworked Southern California pinball machines in a new series Repair my Flip. Since she hasn’t aged at all physically, we found out her age and took a look at her career.

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HGTV is on YouTube!

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HGTV is on YouTube!





Who is Page Turner?

Page is a real estate investor and house flipping expert, who hosts Fix my flip on HGTV. She was previously co-host of Flip or Flop Nashville, but is also an executive producer for BLW Productions!

She also appeared as a guest judge on the hit series Toggle block. In addition to being a tri-state licensed real estate broker, Page is a certified personal trainer and co-owner of The JoPa lifea fitness and clothing brand.

Nashville is where she started her career in real estate and shot her first HGTV series, the place where she said “made her grow as a woman.” Born and raised in Los Angeles originally, she previously dated DeRon Jenkins but is now single.

His age and his family

By far Page’s proudest accomplishment is raising her three daughters Zaire, Qai and Quincy. She moved to Nashville when she was 27 and left when she was 46, having raised her family there and watched her daughters grow into women.

As a single mom, real estate has given her the freedom to earn money and spend more time with them. She says:

I have never missed a volleyball practice, let alone a game. I graduated college from three strong, bright, beautiful black women. We did it together, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

She first moved to Nashville in 2000, which means she should be 49 (at the time of writing). She turned 48 in April 2021 and celebrated her Taurus birthday in dance on the beach!

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Fix My Flip: Page’s Career

Page has sold millions of dollars worth of goods and executed over 110 successful flips. Additionally, she owned a brokerage that employed up to 40 agents. Her hard work mentality comes from two role models she has always looked up to.

She told HGTV that her parents are the people driving her. page said:

My mother is an entrepreneur. My father is an entrepreneur. I worked for Magic Johnson for six years. I have always been surrounded by self-taught entrepreneurs.

If she’s not busy renovating homes, Page spends a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors, usually lying on the beach or hiking in local spots like Runyon Canyon.



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