Facebook changes the layout of the app and introduces a tab to display posts in chronological order

“So today we’re launching a Stream tab where you can see posts from your friends, groups, Pages and more separately in chronological order. The app will always open to a custom Stream on the Home tab. , where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you will care about the most,” he added.

Meta’s press release says the new features will be rolling out worldwide during the week following July 21, when the announcement was made.

The company then mentioned its machine-learning ranking system used to deliver personalized content on the Home tab, and its investment in AI to improve that experience. This supports reports that chief product officer Chris Cox intended to increase the number of graphics processing units in Facebook’s data centers fivefold to support AI.

Facebook’s decision to emulate TikTok is understandable, given that in 2021, Cloudflare reported TikTok as the most visited domain in the world, while Facebook was in third place.

After its international launch in 2017, TikTok has already amassed 1 billion monthly active users, becoming one of the fastest growing apps in the world. YouTube Shorts attracts over 6.5 billion views per day and has exceeded 5 trillion total views.

Meanwhile, Facebook ended up losing users in late 2021 for the first time in its 18-year history.

However, Facebook has a lot to offer that TikTok doesn’t (like Facebook Marketplace, Events, among others) and the social networking site still holds nearly 2 billion daily active users captive.

Facebook’s adoption of the TikTok format is another example of a mode of social sharing pioneered by a platform co-opted by others.

It’s been done before, with Snapchat’s Stories feature now a staple of not just Instagram, but even part of YouTube, WhatsApp, and just about every app you see offering content to consume.

(With contributions from Reuters and Mashable.)