Facebook is testing a new desktop layout redesign

Reports indicate that some users are starting to see a new Facebook desktop layout, with all options listed in a cluttered left menu.

According to a report on Mashable, Facebook seems to be testing a new desktop layout. A few weeks ago, Stan Schroeder wrote: “Virtually all navigation elements, menus and settings have been moved to the left on the desktop version of the platform, with virtually no navigation at the top of the page.”

According to his post, Schroeder also couldn’t find a way to undo the change. I can’t remember if I opted in to this, but I can’t find a way to go back, so here’s what the Facebook experience looks like to me right now.

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The unsolicited new layout appears to have been offered to a number of users last week, along with a brief wizard where Facebook explains: “We’ve moved all of your browsing options into one place. This change combines everything you need on Facebook: your profile, search, notifications, messages, and more.

The layout on Facebook hasn’t undergone any significant overhaul since its site’s last navigation and look and feel update two years ago.

The new left menu layout is popular on many other major desktop apps like Twitter and Gmail. But, from what’s visible in the screenshots, packing all of Facebook’s many options into a single navigation bar can be a bit more confusing than expected.

However, since the new layout hasn’t been officially announced and won’t appear to more than a small group of users, Facebook is likely still testing the change to gather user feedback and adapt further. Either way, the change at the very least indicates that the platform is exploring the possibility of restructuring its homepage structure.

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