‘Fix My Flip’: Page Turner transforms a cozy lake cabin into a luxury stay

The first episode of HGTV’s “Fix My Flip” saw licensed real estate broker Page Turner completely renovate and remodel a cozy cabin on the lake into a luxury staycation for a quick getaway. The cabin was 1,000 square feet, with an original fireplace, kitchenette, bedrooms, and bathroom. Turner took the pinball, Sharon’s help removing a wall to provide more light to the kitchenette (which she converted into a breakfast bar). Plus, Francesca did her magic with the downstairs bathroom, adding a splash of color (salmon pink walls and sink with forest green tiles) to the otherwise boring tub.

Other than the addition, the toilet and walk-in shower remained the same. However, Mitch noted that demolishing the bathroom space alone would eat into the budget for renovation costs alone, which was $35,000. Francesca also added a hammock and throw pillows in the small but cozy backyard to provide tenants with a relaxed and private space. The cabin was sold for $385,000, subtracting the purchase price of $185,000. Adding to the renovation budget of $35,000, Turner made a profit of $12,500, with the flipper profit being $112,500.


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Here’s what fans think of the first episode. One fan shared, “This cute cabin in the mountains is #homegoals! Awesome flip @pageturnertv! #fixmyflip #hgtv,” while another said, “Loved everything about this bathroom, even though she said to change the paint color #fixmyflip”.

One fan tweeted, “SO glad they painted the house! #Fixmyflip”, while another said, “Pink sink #fixmyflip #hgtv”.

One fan tweeted, “All about hardwood flooring with rugs. NO carpet. #fixmyflip #hgtv,” while another shared, “That old fireplace! #fixmyflip #livetweetcrew #onhgtv” . One fan shared: “#[email protected] Gurrrl… you deserved way more than $12.5000! They were on the verge of losing (if they even put it on the market before winter),” while another said: “Love the flip. Excited for next week. #FixMyFlip”.

Stay tuned for new episodes of “Fix My Flip” every Thursday, at 9 p.m. ET, only on HGTV.

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