Former Officer, native of Eau Claire, Page-Turner Pens

Memorial High School graduate and Los Angeles Times bestselling author Neal Griffin recently released his fourth detective novel, The burden of truth, beginning of July.

This page turner is impossible to pose until its conclusion 335 pages later. How this story will play out with its characters: a suspected cop killer, the victim, their two families, the good and bad cops, the gang bangers, the media, the prosecutors and advocates, the people in charge of the police. ‘school ? The novel moves forward quickly and cinematically with chapter titles in the first half of the book set up along a timeline juxtaposed with what happens in each character’s day until they are shattered by choices and circumstances.

Griffin writes short Hemingway-style sentences, with naturally written choppy dialogue. A gifted storyteller, Griffin’s authenticity is underpinned by his 27-year career in Southern California as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Member, Hostage Negotiator, Investigator. narcotics, gang enforcement specialist and homicide unit supervisor.

Griffin dedicated the book to his 15-year-old son Eli, whom Griffin shares was “gifted with an absolutely charmed existence.” His life does not support any of the obstacles that young men like Omar (the novel’s protagonist) face every day. And his life is unlikely to ever do so. Eli’s assessment after reading it: “Pretty cool, dad. Good work. Now take me to baseball practice.

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