Google will penalize sites with the same layout!

While browsing the internet, you might have come across some websites that are identical to each other. The similarity between the websites is not only in their interface but also in their content. These circumstances lead to confusion among audiences who end up reaching a different website rather than the desired website. In light of the latest Google update, a normal question arises in our mind regarding the sanction that Google imposes on these websites.

Many bloggers asked Google’s John Muller about the situation and he answered the question. The question posed was “whether two websites that look alike still rank in Google search”.

These were the questions asked

“We plan to share the same backend and the same frontend for our two brands.

We rank pretty well with both in Google.

How big is the risk of penalization if we use the same HTML structure, the same components, the same layout and the same look and feel between the different brands?

What would be different are the logos, fonts, and colors.

Or would you suggest migrating to the same front-end while maintaining the different experience between the two brands? »

But answering these questions, John Muller confirmed that for equal layouts, websites will not be penalized or suffer any negative action for search results.

Answering the question, he said,

“First of all, there is no penalty or web spam manual action for having two nearly identical websites.”

He further added:

“That said, if the URLs and page content are the same on these two websites, what can happen for identical pages is that our systems can choose one of the pages as the canonical page.

This means that we would focus our crawling, indexing and ranking on this canonical page.

For pages that are not identical, we usually index both.

For example, if you have the same document on both websites, we will choose one and show only that in search.

In practice, this is often very good.

If you need both pages to show up in search, just make sure they’re very different, and not just with a changed logo or color scheme.

In his answers, Muller also mentioned content priority although no question was asked for the same.