Hopeing Club Web3 Layout in Singapore Market

London, UK, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Hoping Club, a global asset management organization, is negotiating an investment in a digital crypto startup in Singapore, with the aim of exploring Web3. 0 using the Singapore market as a springboard.

As early as 2016, Hoping Club established its own crypto asset investment department and launched the auction collateral business in the NFT field. A Hoping Club official said innovation in digital cryptography has shown even greater energy than the early days of the internet. For many people, Web3.0 may represent the future, but for Hoping Club, their concern is the present of Web3.0.

Hopeing Club: Web3.0 will make users close network participants

It is not easy to understand the concept of Web3.0. Popular explanation of Web3.0: Web1.0 can only read information, while Web2.0 can read, write and write information. Web3.0 brings a new experience of reading, writing and information.

Web1.0 is based on an open, decentralized and community-managed protocol. People get information from the Internet in one direction only. Information and knowledge are produced and organized by large companies, such as Yahoo, Sina and other portals, but users cannot interact with the content on the page.

In the era of Web 2.0, knowledge and information are produced more by users. Business organizations set up platforms, collect user information and disseminate effective information. Facebook, Weibo, Youtube and Tik Tok are all products of this period.

The third stage of Internet development, Web3.0, will make users close participants in the network, instead of being controlled by centralized technology companies.

A branch official of Hoping Club Singapore said that Web3.0, Meta-verse, blockchain, crypto technology, NFT, DAO will form the next generation of internet ecology, opening up a perfect new format based on blockchain which is decentralized, transparent, open and democratic.