How to Create a Custom WordPress Layout on Your Phone

WordPress puts the power of custom page building at your fingertips with its user-friendly block editor.

We’ll walk you through the typical WordPress mobile page building workflow and highlight some particularly impressionable layouts. Let’s get started.

WordPress: page creation on your phone

Download WordPress from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Launch the app and make sure you are on the My website tongue. Press the down The arrow to fill out a list of your sites, then touch the More top right icon for create a site (or sync a self-hosted site.)

From there, you can choose a homepage layout to customize. There are a number of categories to help you choose the best theme for the job, including Blogs, Professional sites, Splash pages, and more.

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Tap the one you find interesting, and then tap To choose to start setting up your site. Enter a domain name (WordPress will provide suggestions on available names and extensions) and select Create a site. Faucet Ended.


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If you want additional guided help, WordPress will walk you through the basics. Otherwise, if you’re ready to jump in and get your hands dirty, press Create a new (page with a plus sign) at the bottom right. Here you can create blog posts and site pages, meat and potatoes from any WordPress site.

Press on Site page to add a layout (choose from templates like wallet pages, In regards to sections, etc.) With a template selected, press Create a page to enter the block editor.

You have arrived on the main stage: tap on any item to customize it. Images (and some other blocks) will display a Multimedia options list, a settings gear, and positioning arrows when highlighted. To add new items, use the blue More icon at the bottom left.

Press the Following icon (three dots) at the top right to save your work, preview your page or switch between editing modes. When you are finished editing a page, tap Publish.

Selection blog post will open a seemingly simple text editor with a header field. Tap blue More lower left icon, however, and a world of content options is revealed. To integrate videos, Columns, social icons… everything you need to generate and keep site traffic.

When your blog post is ready to be published, tap Publish in the top right corner, enter the tags or categories, set the visibility and you’re good to go. If you want to schedule the publication of an article, simply set the Publication date at some point in the future and press Plan now.

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This is the basic WordPress mobile workflow. Now let’s take a look at a few WordPress themes for inspiration.

To download: WordPress for iPhone | Android (free)

More WordPress Themes for Web Dev Fiends

Of My website dashboard, under the Personalize header, press Themes. Tap the plus icon of any theme you want to try for size. If you like it Activate will apply the theme to your site. We’ve picked out a list of eye-catching themes to get you started.

Note: While some themes look good, keep in mind that you need to get your own images (unless you plan to stick with the default set.)


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Barnsbury is fresh and well put together; a perfect theme for a mom-and-pop store to display their information and products. Ecommerce owners will benefit from the images and descriptions featured in the foreground.


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Exford is a clean, minimalist theme ideal for effectively conveying your personal or business message.


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Coutoire is an excellent choice for highlighting wallets. Aesthetic and professional, this theme is sure to impress potential employers.


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Morden is ideal for eye-catching images and small informational texts. Photographers and other media professionals rejoice.


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Brompton is your theme if you are looking to build your brand’s authority. Ideal for medium chunks of informational text and centralized images, Brompton works well for directing readers to goods or services.

Upgrade your WordPress site with plugins

Now that you know how to create custom WordPress layouts on your phone, give WordPress plugins a boost.

WordPress is a powerful content management system, but its features are not exhaustive. This is where plugins come in and take over.

Install the WordPress plugin
What are WordPress plugins?

Want to customize your WordPress site? There is a plugin for that!

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