Instagram may soon have a new layout for Stories

Instagram may soon change the way you browse your friends’ stories on the platform. A new report suggests the popular social media app could bring vertically scrolling stories, similar to how the app’s reels work. The feature could replace the current story layout that scrolls horizontally with new stories appearing on the right side of older ones.

While users have to tap the right edge of the screen to go to the next story and swipe to move to the next Instagram user, the new feature will allow them to simply swipe up to move to the next profile. However, the story list will still be a vertical bar at the top and it will continue to scroll sideways.

Instagram is testing the new layout in Turkey, but it remains to be seen if and when the implementation will come to other regions. Note that since the feature is being tested, it’s also possible that Instagram decides to remove it and stick with the horizontal layout of stories.

Instagram showing combined story views for Facebook stories

In other news, Instagram is also making its story integration with Facebook tighter than ever. Instagram has offered for some time to share your Instagram stories on Facebook. Now, a new feature lets you check views on both from the same place if you choose to do so.

Instagram users who share their stories on Facebook will now be able to see views from both platforms on Instagram itself, by opening that particular story and swiping on it. However, the feature might have a limited rollout at the moment, so you may not see it immediately.

The addition comes close to connecting Instagram and Facebook, which already support cross-platform messaging.