Is Fix My Flip’s Page Turner Related To HGTV Host Egypt Sherrod?

Page Turner is HGTV’s Fix My Flip host, but fans are curious if he has any connection to Egypt Sherrod due to their uncanny resemblance. They have a similar renovation journey – but are they actually related in any way?

Egypt has a massive net worth of $6 million, which comes mostly from his real estate work and his own show on HGTV. She is also known to appear on Toggle Block as good as Married to real estate.

Page, on the other hand, lends his expertise to overworked Southern California pinball machines in a new series Repair my Flip. She previously worked on HGTV Flip or Flop Nashvilleas she renovated run-down homes with her ex DeRon.

We did some research to find out if Egypt and Page had any family ties…

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Fans notice the resemblance between Page and Egypt

Viewers who tune in to Repair my Flip noticed that Page reminds them of a certain person. That person has often been Egypt Sherrod, who HGTV viewers have known for a long time. Married to real estate and Flip the block.

The page went ax throwing with her best friend of over ten years, Joan, who has also been labeled by fans as her long-lost “twin”. She added that people are confusing them, as it seems they have been “sisters since birth”.

In a perhaps ironic replacement, Page’s new HGTV show replaced the previous Thursday night slot in which the Egyptian series with husband DJ Mike Jackson was filled.

A fan wrote: “And the other show? Now they have something else for you. You also need your show.

Another one said: “Okay, I don’t think Page Turner is acting like Egypt Sherrod. I think because they are both southern women they have almost identical mannerisms.”

No, Page exclusively says reality titbit that it is not related to Egypt. Although they have similar mannerisms, she confirmed that they weren’t related by blood, but were “related only by our HGTV family.”

They follow each other on Instagram, but it will mean working for the same network. There is no doubt that they would have had a hookup or a brief reunion in the past – due to their work in the same industry.

Most fans put their similarities to the fact that they are both from the south and therefore show mannerisms that they would have adopted from their surroundings. Egypt has been open about his sister Tewan Sherrod, but not other siblings.

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HGTV Hosts: Their Background

Egypt was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although unconfirmed, she appears to be of mixed ethnicity and has been taken to social media several times to share photos with her family.

She shared a photo with instagram in 2021 showing four generations of his family. Talk to Hello beauty in 2012, she said that one of the first women she looked up to as a child was Oprah Winfrey.

The HGTV host said: “She was one of the most visible women of color on national television, and that made me feel proud.However, Page’s home state is California, but his previous base was Nashville, which has become a big part of his life.

The reality TV star moved to the infamous town when she was 27 and stayed there until she was 46. However, Page was originally born and raised in Los Angeles, more than five hours from Philadelphia’s Egyptian roots.

She is also of mixed ethnicity and is African American. Page is the daughter of an African father and an American mother, both of whom are said to be well-known opticians working in Nashville.



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