Love Island’s Faye Winter stalks troll’s mother and shows her ‘horrific’ messages

Devon’s own Love Island star took to social media to share her experience of being “horribly” trolled online. Love Island season 7 contestant Faye Winter has told her followers that she sent screenshots of a troll’s comments to her mother, her rugby club and her employer.

Faye said, in an Instagram Story: “So today I got horribly trolled by someone I don’t know. Which is awesome, said some horrible things.

“So what do I do? I go to your page, find your mom, capture your messages and send them to her to be proud of the boy, the little boy she bought.”

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She added, in an early video, “I also sent it to your rugby club. And I also sent it to your employer. Don’t fuck me.”

Winter, who has 1.2 million subscribers on the site, did not name or shame the troll. The video was posted during the day, making it clear in the background that she was shopping for clothes at the time.

She updated People shortly after with the following, “Oh no, it’s not me being blocked by your mom. Sorry, are you embarrassed by your darling son?

“Don’t worry, his employer got him and besides, I hope he gets sent to bed without tea tonight and his PlayStation is taken away from him. I’m sure he won’t get any sheets clean, he probably hasn’t changed them in a month. Have fun kid.

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