Meta is testing a new layout in the desktop version of Facebook

Facebook seems to be testing a new layout in the desktop version of the appsome users having recently launched this new format on their screens.

It seems like a lot.

According to MashableThe new layout appeared for some users last week, with an in-app update alert explaining the change, which moves all of your navigation options to the left side of the screen.

Although it looks quite chaotic – take a look at this image of the new arrangement of office groups.

Facebook desktop redesign test

Like Mashable Notesmany other desktop apps are left-aligned like this, with Twitter and Gmail also displaying all your different options in the same way.

Although they seem less crowded. Maybe the menus are meant to be more collapsible, so you don’t have everything on screen at once. Maybe that would work, streamlining your view to focus on a central point, instead of showing so many options at once.

Again, maybe not – maybe Meta wants to make sure users are aware of the different options available, and highlighting them on screen is a way to encourage wider usage.

There’s not a whole lot to do at this point, and it looks like at least some stuff is still in testing, so it might just be a test right now to see how users react.

But it could happen – or at least it’s probably an indicator of where Meta is looking, in terms of developing the app’s next stage.

We have asked Meta for more information about the test and will update this post if/when we receive a response.