Michigan is in the top five for missed burgers

We love our burgers here in the Mitten State, almost wrong. So what’s your favorite burger spot in West Michigan?

Michigan is tied for fourth in overall hamburger consumption

It’s no surprise that burgers are incredibly popular with Michigan residents, after all – over 20 billion are eaten each year in the United States alone, which translates to 60 patties per person. But we are better than that. Much better.

The average Michigander loses 74 burgers a year, and when you stop and think there are a lot of people like me, who are nowhere near that number, someone hits the 120 burger mark to help us get to that number .

And here’s a stat I’ve never heard before: there are 9.4 hamburgers for every 100,000 people in Michigan.

Pablo Montes on Unsplash

Pablo Montes on Unsplash

The stats are in and Michigan is in the top five

Recipe website Pantry & Larder compiled the data for the burgers and here’s what they found:
Oregon was No. 1 with 79 burgers per year per person, Arizona and Utah ranked second and third, respectively, with 77 and 75 burgers per person.

Rounding out the top five: Utah, New Mexico and Michigan.

As for who eats the least burgers…Massachusettsians enjoy 42 burgers per person per year…New Yorkers only eat 41 per year…and come last? Washington, DC with 36 burgers.

Admirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash

Admirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash

So what’s your favorite burger?

The fact that Michigan in general, and West Michigan in particular, has plenty of great local places to quench our burning burger cravings helps boost our numbers.

Here are my Top 3, in no particular order:

Choo Choo Grill — You know or you don’t know. The little red building next to the train tracks on the corner of Plainfield and Leonard has big burgers that will leave you well past dinnertime if you hit them for lunch. The Legend, in fact, weighs a huge pound, while the Red Caboose is half a pound.

fat boy – North Creston mainstay, located in Plainfiled and Hollywood, lives up to its name by offering a pound and a half burger, The Sloppy Boy, that has just about anything you can think of.

A Yelp reviewer said:

This place is your classic burger place. Solid burgers and fried dishes. These dinner-worthy burger joints feel like coming home, and Fat Boy has you there. Friendly neighborhood staff with a classic grill flipping patties through the kitchen window. A slice of America through and through.

Jonathan Borber on Unsplash

Jonathan Borber on Unsplash

by Stella – Long a fan favorite for the Stella Blue, a half-pound topped with blue cheese, Stella’s offers seven big burgers, including a tribute to the old-school Mr. Fables olive burger.

Here is a eulogy:

Finally made a stop at Stella after living in GR for over 4 years. I had always heard that Stella had the best burgers in GR and now I can agree with that statement! We had the Queso Jalapeno burger and the Call It What You Want burger and they were both super tasty and filling. We also enjoyed the Spicy Buffalo Fries and the kick they gave compared to regular fries. The nachos were also very good and the cheese stayed melty much longer than most nachos at other restaurants. Our server Jeremy was also incredibly friendly! It was really quite noisy but that was expected. I loved the arcade games available and will be back to play them!

Love, Burgers and Fries, at Last Hot ‘N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan

A happy couple represent devotion to each other and to the latest Hot ‘N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan, where people drive for hours to catch the fare.