New simplified layout for RailAdvent Plus members

Have you ever wondered what a RailAdvent news article looks like for members?

Site appearance is just one of the benefits of RailAdvent subscription

Over the past two weeks, we’ve further tweaked the layout for members, changing where sidebars are located and how content is presented.

We’d share a comparison with everyone, just so you can see the difference.

In this first image you can see the standard layout

Now let’s compare this to the layout that RailAdvent Plus members see

Right away you can see that there is only one sidebar, on the right, we always customize this area to include relevant shortcuts for members.

Also, you can see that the Google ads are gone, we only have one RailAdvent informational ad appearing further down the page.

This new member layout not only removes Google Ads, but creates a much cleaner magazine-style reading experience.

For those of you who are already members, watch for more improvements over the next few months.

If you’re not already a member, this is just one of the many benefits of membership, click here to find out all the benefits you get and join today.

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