New York apartment’s TikTok goes viral for ‘incomprehensible’ layout

People are expressing horror at the maze-like layout of a New York City apartment for $ 2,950 a month after a video of its design flaws went viral on TikTok.

Tuesday a TIC Tac of the “unusable” apartment was shared by a real estate agent who calls himself @locationnewyork.

In the clip, the real estate professional opens the door to the apartment, located in Washington Heights, while telling viewers, “Tell me you can’t do an arrangement without telling me you can’t do it. an arrangement. I’ll go first. “

The video then shows the officer taking a tour of the apartment, which includes first walking down a narrow hallway, then making a few sharp turns to avoid hitting a brick wall.

The apartment then opens onto a fairly spacious living space, with a wall dedicated to a kitchen, while another corner of the room is randomly designed with various protruding walls. The camera then pans to reveal the narrow triangular shape of the other corner of the room.

Despite the apartment’s already obvious flaws, the estate agent can be heard telling viewers, “Don’t worry, it’s getting better”, before making his way down another oddly shaped hallway to a room. bathroom and finally to three unequal sized bedrooms. that seem to come out of nowhere.

“My head hurts,” the creator of TikTok joked in the caption.

The video, which has since been viewed over 4.1 million times, elicited a series of humorous responses, with many viewers poking fun at the disastrous layout.

“Someone said they wanted ‘a nice apartment’ and the designer heard ‘a high-pitched apartment’,” one onlooker joked, while another said: “Why have nine walls when you have 37? ? “

Someone else asked, “How is each piece unusable?” “

Others joked about the potential dangers raised by the confusing layout, with one TikTok user imagining a scenario on ‘coming home drunk and trying to find your room’, while someone else pointed out the downsides. many walls at night.

“Imagine trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night and running up against 15 different walls,” they wrote.

The video also raised concerns about the sizes and shapes of furniture that could fit in the apartment, as items would have to accommodate sharp angles.

While the apartment is not conducive to furnishings, a plus, according to the real estate agent, is that it is only “32 minutes from Midtown” Manhattan.