Niagara County Legislature Race 3 Marks Final | Buffalo Politics News

The tight race for the 6th District seat in the Niagara County Legislature turned out to be a three-vote victory for Christopher P. Voccio.

Voccio, a Republican, received 778 votes. Democrat William D. Kennedy II received 775.

Christopher P. Voccio.

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Democrats’ hopes for a Kennedy victory faded on Wednesday when state Supreme Court justice Frank A. Sedita III denied two Kennedy votes due to incorrect markings uncovered in a recount manual.

By order of Sedita, a final ballot, over which the parties had been arguing for a month, was opened Thursday morning at the Niagara County Elections Board, and it was for Voccio, giving the Republican the victory by three votes.

“I’m grateful that we have finality on this. I’m grateful to the people of 6th District for electing me,” said Voccio, whose victory in the Central District of Niagara Falls will bring the GOP majority to the County Legislature at 12- 3.

“It is unfortunate that this race was decided by the court and not by the voters of the 6th district. While we disagree with the court’s decision, we do not believe that there is an effective way to appeal to this race. stadium, ”Democratic County President Chris Borgatti said. .

Voccio said he was especially happy that the board counted the vote under sealed oath.