Nickolas Butler’s Debut Novel Set Outside of Wisconsin Is a Suspenseful Page Turner | Entertainment

“Godspeed” is the first novel by Nickolas Butler, author of Eau Claire, to be set outside of Wisconsin.


GENA KITTNER For the State Journal

Popular Wisconsin author Nickolas Butler is delivering another page turner this fall, but with a few deviations from his usual style.

Not only is his latest, “Godspeed” more suspenseful than his other works, it is also the first of his books to take place outside of Wisconsin. The book centers on a trio of men – longtime friends – who together start a construction business outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The three land a once-in-a-lifetime job in a multi-million dollar home that could be their make – or their loss. Butler is one of many authors planning in-person events at this fall’s Wisconsin Book Festival.

Q: How does it feel to have published it?

A: I feel good. I feel like this was the book I wanted to write at this point in my life. Seems more timely to me now than when I wrote it, as the housing market keeps getting hotter.

Q: The housing market, class conflicts, wealth disparities are all issues addressed in this book which centers around three entrepreneurs trying to complete a mansion building in four months – on Christmas Day – in order to receive a substantial bonus. Have you done any construction or had a house built?

A: The house I am telling you about today my wife and I paid to have it built in 2013. We lived on the site in another structure (during construction) so every day I would wake up and see what was going on. go on and talk to the guys who would be working on the house. We had friends in common. They were very candid with me about the ups and downs of their lives. I’m not a particularly DIY guy, but I was definitely connected to this process of being with these guys and they helped inform the book, without a doubt.