PAGE TURNER: Chalfonts author publishes thrilling first crime novel

A resident of Chalfont St Giles has published his first mystery novel titled Trust betrayal and retribution.

Peter Dennness, a father of two from the village, has spent his life working in construction and real estate and has now branched out and written a gripping crime thriller novel.

Trust Treachery & Retribution released on February 9, 2022 is a gripping story of greed, murder and revenge that has many twists.

Peter started writing the novel during the lockdown, and after a few chapters the story quickly evolved. He said, “I found the process quite enjoyable, and some days the characters took over and it just wrote itself.

“Overall, it took a year to write, but the hardest discipline was condensing the script to make the plot as dynamic as possible. For me, giving up over 30,000 words was an extremely difficult process to go through.

“This is a deception that completely distorts the lives of two people and forces the protagonist to adapt, survive, and ultimately become an extremely dangerous adversary.”

The first novel takes readers from the comfort of suburban London to downtown Manhattan. Characters in the book include a corrupt lawyer, a miserly playboy, a Mexican mobster, the affections of a beautiful prostitute and a dangerous Yardie, is about greed, murder and revenge.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit Amazon and search Trust betrayal and retribution.

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