PoloniaMusic.com is removed

by Bob Johnson (M. Polonia Music)
My website, PoloniaMusic.com was built with resources provided by Homestead.com. Recently they told me that my site currently has 537 pages and thousands of entries. It’s huge!
When I started building my website in 2010, I expected it to be primarily accessible through desktops and laptops for many years to come, but times quickly started to change. After a few years, people started depending more on mobile devices, especially cell phones. Desktop computers? Not really!

So in 2014 I worked with another service to make it work better on mobile devices like iphones and ipads which were gaining popularity at the time. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. My site was just too big. My website should be totally redesigned and most, if not all, Polonia Music pages should either be rebuilt from scratch or removed.
Also, it might STILL not work due to its size and complexity. Apparently, size does matter! The company offered to do most of the work for me for around $20,000. I’ve always operated in the red (last month I made a profit of $4.00 on Amazon), so no way!
Nowadays, people usually browse websites on their phones. I can’t blame them, but my site was not designed for phones. When site visitors saw how poorly my site appeared on their phones, they left, never to return. Sadly. statistics have dropped significantly since 2014. Today, no one can visit PM.com because it no longer exists.
PoloniaMusic.com is now a thing of the past. I had it removed on April 26, 2022 with my second site, RochesterMyHome.com.
I originally started Polonia Music because I thought it would be a useful cultural resource for Poles (and others) and because it would be a fun yet meaningful thing to do during my retirement. And it was! But The Times, they change. It’s time to turn the page.
Just so you know, I will continue to make my YouTube videos and make noise with my singing and my collection of fun musical instruments. I can’t wait to film more parades, events and… whatever.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has already visited PoloniaMusic.com. It was a magical moment in my life, mainly because it opened the door to many new friendships. I am a lucky guy.
Thanks again for your friendship and support.