Science fiction book from the author of Canarsie: a page-turner

There’s something so exciting about a good sci-fi novel, the way it takes you into an unknown world the author has imagined, where nothing is too far-fetched and literally anything is possible, everything is laid out to explore, one irresistible page at a time.

Canarian author Jeffrey Estrella’s novel The Time Stone, now in its sixth edition, is just that kind of book – a gripping saga you can hardly put down. It’s complete with all the hallmarks of great science fiction – time travel via an ancient alien transportation device, ancient times, a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the possibility of a complete cataclysmic disaster and an unlikely group of heroes (one of whom develops the psychic powers of telekinesis and premonition), who are tested in a number of harrowing and precarious situations as they are hunted through the ages by a dubious group of conspirators from company and an ancient group of Spanish-speaking cult warriors, among others.

Amidst all the action and adventure, it becomes apparent that there is a lot more to the story and the four protagonists than meets the eye. Although the characters may seem to have nothing in common, their collective journey, often punctuated by moments when they become aware of the human condition itself, connects them in truly profound ways. There is James who lives a life full of regrets, as he struggles with addiction and the harsh reality of homelessness and despair. He finds himself inextricably entangled in a strange conspiracy and reunites with his old friend Tina, an orphan and barfly-turned-call girl with a mile-long rap sheet.

Then there is Mercedes, the American daughter of Mexican immigrants, who has struggled all her life against the stigma of being the black sheep of the family – not a doctor or a lawyer like her siblings, not married to children at her age – a failure by their traditional standards, and who is mistakenly arrested and deported for her involvement in a margarita-induced fight against a man she barely knew. And last but not least, there’s Drax, a brilliant lawyer and wealthy businessman, who has everything money can buy, but yearns for a love he left behind. Together, the four become a family and realize they are meant for something much bigger than themselves.

Revealing much more, however, would change how the story unfolds, so you have to read the rest for yourself. Head to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or to purchase your copy in paperback or e-book format. And if you fall in love with the characters and want more, The Time Stone Christmas Legends! is also available on Amazon, and you can be sure that the second installment: Time Stone 2: Curse of the Jade Dragon, an Asian steampunk, will follow soon.