Somers Mystery Novelist Writes Skiing Page Turner

Photo courtesy of Michael Balkind

Michael Balkind, acclaimed Somers mystery novelist, tells a story of skiing, fame and the Olympics in a jaw-dropping new book.

Somers-based novelist Michael Balkind has made a name for himself creating harrowing mysteries that intersect with the world of sport, penning five books that focus on subjects ranging from figure skating to soccer, interwoven with stories of crime and corruption. His new page-turner, steal gold, enters the world of skiing, the author’s favorite subject. “I’ve been a skier all my life and just wanted to write a novel about skiing,” shares Balkind. “The timing was perfect because it came out just before the Winter Olympics and just after the Summer Olympics, which was the only time they were only six months apart.”

Photo courtesy of Michael Balkind

steal gold, which was released in October, takes the stakes to a whole new level. “The mystery of steal gold is a scenario where America’s top medal contender at the next Olympics crashes in a downhill race — downhill skiers are racing at around 80 miles per hour — and he’s kidnapped from the hospital,” Balkind says. What ensues is a thrilling sprint by various law enforcement entities to save the star skier before he meets a disastrous fate. “I want someone to feel when reading it that this could really happen,” Balkind says. “Ski racers have come up to me and said, ‘I don’t know if I can keep reading this – it scares me! “Ahead, Balkind plans to write both a memoir and young adult fiction — with a twist. “It’s a FIFA World Cup mystery that has flavors of cartels and mafia, but remains for children,” he says.

steal gold
By Michael Balkind

Télémaque Press (2021); 237 pages (pbk & hc)

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