Stranger Things Writers Shut Down Script Page Leak Rumors

The stranger things the writers used one of the show’s officials Twitter accounts to warn fans about scammers selling allegedly leaked Season 4 script pages. In recent days, pages of supposed scripts for season 4 of stranger things released on social media, with notes that alter the meaning of the original scenes. However, as the writers of the series have now pointed out, these pages are actually fake, created to scam fans willing to pay hundreds of dollars to find clues about stranger things‘ coming.

An official script contains all the lines of dialogue used in a movie or TV show, along with the writer’s notes on what each character was thinking or feeling in a particular scene. That means reading a script can help reveal new details about our favorite productions, as we can confirm what the writer intended to show with each scene. And when we talk about a media phenomenon like stranger thingsit’s no wonder people are desperate to know what’s next in season 5. With more than one billion hours already consumed by fans, stranger things is Netflix’s biggest hit, and there are literally millions of people out there waiting for every bit of news they can find.


However, desperation is the best incentive for scammers to create fake script pages, especially when they promise to confirm fan theories or subvert expectations. That’s why when some supposedly official Season 4 script pages “leaked” online, many fans pounced on them not wondering if they were real. For example, the fake script pages describe how Will (Noah Schnapp) struggles with their sexual identity to the point of self-loathing. It also indicates that Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is convinced to drop Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and return to Steve (Joe Keery) arms.

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Describing some of the most controversial scenes from Season 4, these pages have garnered a lot of attention from fans, with fake copies of the entire script being offered for sale online. Unfortunately, some fans fell for it, spending big bucks to get their hands on more pages of the fake script. Good, stranger thingsThe message from the writers is clear: “All ‘leaked’ Season 4 scripts or script pages are FALSE. Do not pay anyone for scripts as this is a scam.

The whole story only underlines how stranger things is an unstoppable money-making machine. No wonder Netflix has already hired the creators of the series Mast and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) to direct several television projects, including live action Death threat series and an adaptation of The Taslimana 1984 novel written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. There is also stranger things spinoff being discussed right now, ensuring that Hawkins will continue to be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

Season 4 of stranger things is available on Netflix right now. Check out the writers’ tweet below, and if you want more Stranger Things content, instead of buying fake scripts, check out our star interview. Noah Schnapp, Sadie sinkand Caleb McLaughlin: