The law firm’s charitable story is a true page-turner | News

Law firms that do positive work in the community through a charitable foundation are now commonplace, but Obiter believes none have yet offered to open their own chain of bookstores.

The Gunnercooke Foundation, a charitable arm of the National Society, will open its first House of Friends and Book in Manchester in November and aims to grow at the rate of three to four stores per year. The company will provide the financing during the first years, with the aim that the project can be sustainable thereafter.

The intention is for bookstores to act as a community hub, connecting older people with friends, providing a meeting place for new parents and providing a learning environment for schools.

The foundation is looking for a bookseller to bring its expertise to the project and the shops will sell a mix of new titles and used stock.

Darryl Cooke, President of the Gunnercooke Foundation, said: “Bookstores are the center of communities and can provide a much needed service that improves people’s lives, focusing on any challenges that exist. Reading can connect us physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.When we read, we are not alone.

“Our bookstores will not only sell books, but will provide a space to create activities that connect communities, from book clubs and walking groups to wine companies.”

Obiter wishes them good luck.