The rhythm continues with this ESP32 page turner

Looking for a hands-free way to flip through sheet music on an iPad, [The_Larch] came up with this simple ESP32 based bluetooth input device. The microcontroller just needed to have two switches hardwired into the GPIO pins, in this case the same heavy-duty plungers you would find on a guitar pedal, and a USB bulkhead feedthrough to provide power. Thanks to the excellent ESP32-BLE-Keyboard library, it only took a few lines of code to trigger the appropriate keystrokes when the left or right button was pressed.

While it is undeniably an electronically simple project, the wooden case [The_Larch] built is an interesting change of pace from the 3D printed fare we normally see around these parts. It began life as strips of oak salvaged from an old kitchen table, which were laminated together to form a solid block. A large drill bit was then used to drill through the block to create a vacuum for the electronics, and a second flat piece of oak was shaped into a front panel.

Creating Bluetooth input devices with the ESP32 is so incredibly easy that we’re honestly a little surprised that we don’t see the trick used more often. Especially when you consider all the custom keyboards that have graced these pages over the past couple of years. The tools are available for anyone who wants them, so you must ask yourself if hackers don’t like using Bluetooth for something as important as a keyboard.