The walls of Alexandria crumble after the filming of The Walking Dead

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It’s official. The Walking Dead is over. Of course, we already knew that when filming the final scene. But it was hard to really feel that this long series was over until the walls of Alexandria began to crumble. Hilltop is already gone. We have to say goodbye whether we are ready or not.

The walls of Alexandria are gone

Muse of Senoia & GA Tour Company shared the news of Alexandria Walls on TikTok. As The Walking Dead theme song plays in the background, you can see a photo of the missing walls in Alexandria. The company later clarified that as of Monday, no everything walls had still disappeared, but the rest would be destroyed any day.


The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Today (Monday July 11) the walls of Alexandria began to fall. We don’t know if the walls or pieces of the walls will be sold. We ask our guests and all visiting fans to respect private property. ONLY Morgan Street is open to the public. #thetimehascome #alexandria #alexandriawall #alexandriawallcomingdown

♬ The Walking Dead Theme – Bear McCreary

They wrote on TikTok: “Today (Monday July 11) the walls of Alexandria have started to crumble. We don’t know if the walls or pieces of the walls will be sold. We ask our guests and all visiting fans to respect private property ONLY Morgan Street is open to the public.

On Facebook, Georgia Tour Company shared that there are security cameras everywhere, so they are keeping a close eye on the wall pieces from the set. They promised to update their Facebook page if the production company decides to sell any of the panels.

One fan, Andy Walker, wrote: “It breaks my heart, I was really, really hoping to make it one more time, but I’m glad I got to see it inside and out during my 2 more visits.”

When someone asked why the set was taken down, the company replied, “The walls were only contracted for a few years, and just for filming. It’s a real neighborhood and real people live there, so it’s understandable that they want their beautiful neighborhood back. The things built for the show are falling, but the houses are real and will stay.

In another comment, they noted: “The contract was originally only for a few years, so the residents have been extremely accommodating in allowing it this long!”

Anthony Collins shared more photos in the tweet above showing the walls collapsing.

On June 30, Walking Dead World announced that AMC’s license for the Gin property in Senoia had expired.

They wrote: “Today is the day AMC’s license for the Gin property in Senoia officially expires. Work is underway to clear the interior of the Alexandria complex in order to reopen the interior streets to the public. The walls are expected to come down very soon.

Here’s a photo from June 12, courtesy of Anthony Collins on Twitter, showing how quickly the wall of Alexandria is falling.

In February, AJC reported that the Senoia neighborhood had been used as a Walking Dead setting for almost eight years. In addition to the walls, AMC will also demolish the church and windmill on the property. Seven families actually live in the neighborhood and were there during filming. There were already 10 homes in the Main Street area when AMC decided to use the neighborhood as a whole. AMC ended up building 10 more homes for the series. These were full use homes with HVAC, plumbing and work.

The 10 houses built by AMC will be sold once all have been emptied.

On one side of the walls of Alexandria was a “memorial wall” where all the names of the deceased were written. On Reddit, DripsonAnalogs wrote that his wife had just been there the week before the walls were taken down and took photos, including a photo of the memorial wall.

You can see the photos they shared on the Reddit thread here.

Hilltop was also demolished

On July 5, The Walking Dead World shared that the Hilltop set had already been demolished.

Duane Charles Manwiller wrote on Instagram: “I haven’t seen it for myself yet, but I understand that this classic ‘Hilltop’ location has been torn down and is long gone. Spent long nights there and hot summer days 😎.”

We’ll likely learn more about the show’s final season, as well as any spinoffs, during Comic Con 2022 from July 21-24.

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