Tumblr’s upside-down layout and Vecna’s clock leave users confused

Tumblr users are spooked seeing the upside down Tumblr layout with a clock they have never seen before.

The microblogging site has become the center of discussion on Twitter as people share their thoughts on the changes.

But Stranger Things fans were quick to notice that it had something to do with Netflix’s hit series.

So here is what is being said about the recent changes on Tumblr.

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Tumblr layout is upside down

On Thursday (June 30), Tumblr decided to shake up its layout and even include a clock on the homepage, which left several users confused.

The ‘t’ on the homepage and the other categories on the top bar appear to be reversed.

In no time, confused users were rushing to Twitter to figure out what was going on.

An user tweeted, “so i guess tumblr is upside down today i was so confused”

“I wish tumblr didn’t do this, it just confused me and I can’t read,” said another user referring to the latest changes.

In addition to the Tweets above, another user wrote“What has tumblr done to its layout NOW”

Changes are for Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2

Does the whole upside-down theme mean anything to you?

The social networking site appears to have teamed up with Netflix to promote Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 which is set to release on July 1, 2022.

The new layout refers to the alternate dimension in the parallel domain of the series.

And the clock is the recurring grandfather clock which is supposedly related to the origin of Vecna.

The changes, however, are getting mixed reactions. While fans of the show think it’s really “cool”, some think the changes were unnecessary.

“Tumblr is doing some backwards stuff right now, it’s cool” Tweeted a.

Another one Express“The tumblr layout is upside down for the weirder stuff, it’s so cool”

“Tumblr spilling seems a bit pointless in my opinion,” added another one.

Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix

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Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix






Netflix partners with Spotify

Netflix leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the second volume of Stranger Things Season 4, as it has also teamed up with Spotify to provide its viewers with an upside-down experience.

The music platform service has teamed up with the streaming service to create the Upside Down playlist based on your recent favorite picks, like in the songs you’ve listened to most and best from the show itself.

The playlist can be found on your profile by simply clicking on here.