Twitter may be developing a new layout that makes it look more like Facebook

Twitter may soon make photos a bit larger on mobile.

Noted Technical Detective Jane Manchun Wong revealed on Thursday that Twitter appears to be developing a new timeline layout for its mobile app. Rather than the current format which gives images a margin around them, the new layout will make images large enough to reach the edges of your phone screen.

Wong’s screenshot of the potential changes also indicates that user profile pictures will be repositioned to accommodate the new way images are displayed. Rather than appearing alongside the text of a tweet, profile pictures will appear above alongside the profile name and username.

Everything looks very Facebook.


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Wong noted that reply tweets don’t seem to be affected by the design change, with a gray line still connecting them to the tweet they’re replying to and the margin still present. Yet that could easily change. The Twitter redesign is still in development, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be released any time soon — if it’s even released at all.

Mashable has reached out to Twitter for comment. However, CEO Jack Dorsey has already replied to Wong’s tweet saying the change is “much better”, giving even more credence to its historically believable reverse engineering. Wong previously revealed specific details about the Twitter Blue subscription service even before it was announced.

UPDATE: July 17, 2021, 1:00 p.m. AEST A Twitter spokesperson told Mashable that while they’re “always exploring ways to improve Twitter,” they don’t have any more details to share about this potential new layout at this time. However, they did note a May tweet from Twitter’s design director, Dantley Davis, which stated that the company “have more to share soon on additional testing and improvements [they’re] make images on Twitter.”

Official Twitter Support also responded to Wong’s tweet, hinting at its accuracy.

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