What are layout guides in Publisher and how do I use them?

Do you want your post to look neat and cohesive? You can use a function in Microsoft Publisher called Layout guides to organize your text, images, and other objects in columns and rows. The purpose of layout guides is to guide you in aligning objects on your publication.

What are layout guides in Publisher?

Layout guides are a feature that helps you align objects in a publication. The Layout Guide feature includes built-in ruler guides, add horizontal ruler guides, add vertical ruler guides, ruler guides, and grid and baseline guides.

How to Use Layout Guides in Publisher

Open Microsoft Publisher.

On the Page design tab in the Arrangement group, click the guides button.

In the drop-down list, click one of the built-in styles from the list.

You can add Horizontal ruler guides or add Vertical ruler guides.

If you click Rule guides.

A Rule guides dialog box will appear.

In the dialog you can switch between Horizontal and Vertical.

In the Ruler guide position zone, enter a position.

Please enter a number in the box as it will only accept a number between 0 and 8.5.

Click it Together button in the dialog to set the Ruler guide position.

If you want to uncheck the box, click Clear Where Erase everything.

Once you have entered the position of the ruler guide, click Okay.

A Custom Layout Directive will appear on your post.

If you choose to select the Grid and baseline guides option, one Layout guides dialog box will appear.

In the dialog box, there are three tabs that you can use to customize the layout guides; these tabs are Margin guides, Grid guides, and Basic guidelines.

The dialog box will appear on the Grid guides page.

On the Grid guides page, you can enter the Column guide and line guide.

According to Column guide and line guide, you have selected will be displayed on the Overview part on the right.

On the Margin guides page, you can check the box of the Master of Two Pages in category page master.

You can select or enter the Margin guides for To the right, To the left, High, and Low.

There is a Preview section on the right which lets you see your changes after customization.

If you choose to click the Basic guidelines page, you will have the option to customize the Horizontal baseline, such as spacing and Gap.

On the right, in the Overview section, you’ll see a preview of the choice you’re making.

Then click Okay after making your choices.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to use layout guides in Publisher.

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