XQc Turned Down $1.2M NFT Sponsor: ‘It Was Even More Fun To Say No To Them’

Twitch’s most-watched content creator, xQc, has declined a recent $1 million offer from an undisclosed NFT company, he revealed on a broadcast yesterday. The streamer said that while the deal was incredibly lucrative, it closed the deal.

Just minutes into the stream, xQc spoke to his chat about a sponsorship he was introduced to earlier in the day.

“I got an insane, absolutely insane sponsorship offer and the amounts are astronomical,” the former OWL pro said. “It was even more fun to tell them no.”

Although hesitant to elaborate further on the potential deal, xQc described that the offer came from an NFT vendor requesting a stream overlay, a live shoutout, a website visit, and three tweets. The French-Canadian streamer said that for just these four requests, the company would have paid him $1.2 million. However, he found more satisfaction in refusing the deal.

While NFTs have steadily increased their online presence, with countless other creators taking NFT sponsorships and Twitter even implementing NFT integration, Twitch hasn’t been so quick to embrace the digital ledger. XQc’s chat reflected this position: most of his viewers praised the streamer for turning down the offer.

Some of the other most popular creators on Twitch, such as Pokimane and Hasan, have also spoken out strongly against NFTs and creators who accept offers from NFTs and cryptocurrency companies. Seemingly sharing this opinion as well, xQc seemed to take some joy in dismissing the unknown NFT vendor.

XQc is barely out of money. The October 2021 payout leak revealed him to be the highest individual earner on all of Twitch. The loss of $1.2 million might not be anything out of the ordinary for the streamer, and the respect for his cat is probably more rewarding.