YouTube changes video page layout for smartphone users

Google’s video streaming platform Youtube rolled out a new video page for smartphone users – both android and iOS – which makes videos more visible and shrinks the comments section.
As part of the new update, users will now be able to post a new comment or see a preview of the comment directly below the video player, just above the list of videos to watch next. From this preview, users will be able to tap anywhere to view all, like, and reply to comments.
The company has also increased the size of thumbnails and elongated tiles to provide more information about a video. Additionally, channel icons under each video will be added for easier recognition of the creator.
Finally, YouTube will start showing new types of content alongside videos to watch next. This includes updates, polls, images and GIFs. Users will also start seeing more YouTube mixes.
The new layout was announced a few weeks ago and now appears to be rolling out to everyone.
Last week, YouTube rolled out an Android-only YouTube feature to iOS. Last year, google rolled out a new option that gave YouTube users more control over their HomePage and Up Next videos. Along with these two features, Google has also included custom “topics” on Home in the Up next video suggestions. This feature was exclusive to Android users but now the company has introduced the same for iOS as well.
Google announced the rollout of Custom Topics to Home and Up Next YouTube on the web and iOS.
In an official post, the company said, “Previously, this feature was only available in English on the YouTube app for Android, so we’re excited to announce that we’ll be rolling it out over the next two weeks on YouTube. other devices (iOS app and on computer) as well as other languages ​​(French, Portuguese and Spanish)!”